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We are Beekeepers

WA Pure Honey is more than just Honey. We are committed to the highest standards of production and careful management of our bees and the places we visit to gather.

Our business is low impact, socially valuable and helping to create quality food, pollinate crops and flowers, protect the health and longevity of bees, support the beekeeping industry and produce some of Australia’s best honey.

Our natural environment is fragile, our flora unique and we provide for our bees the best possible environment to help them gather the nectar and pollen they need.

Investing in advanced beekeeping equipment and technology to assist our bees, maximising their health and outcomes, we collaborate in R&D efforts, sharing knowledge and innovation to improve our industry.

We are focused on helping to support and grow a flourishing local honey industry. Adding value with technology and innovation to help the bees and provide for customer traceability. Everyone should know the value of Honey as a natural food that is the result of an amazing process of collection and storage – you should know and be able to trust where it comes from.

Save the bees, save our natural environment and promote sustainability. WA Pure Honey is actively involved in promoting our industry, educating and raising awareness on the importance of bees and our environment.


WA Pure Honey offers pollination services to many growers – without bees and pollinators as much as one third of our food wouldn’t exist.

Sometimes it is difficult to get good results relying on natural pollination from wild bees or other insects, it’s become crucial for commercial crops of apples, avocados, berries, stone fruits and melons to have managed bee’s on-site, in big numbers, at the right time of the year.

Beekeepers can help provide this service, producing better quality fruit, in larger numbers and reducing the need for  artificial help or more fertilisers.

Having bees pollinate our crops has a huge impact on how much food we can produce and its superior quality.

If you are interested in our pollination services, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

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The Honey Timeline

130 million years ago (give or take...)

DNA Analysis suggests bees evolved from wasps. They were small and solitary- much like today's native Australian bee, collecting pollen and then evolving to process nectar as flowers developed.

80 million years ago

Social bees first appeared in the fossil records, stingless but perhaps building hives and acting collectively like today. After a big meteor some survived, evolving into bumblebees about 30 million years later.

2 to 3 million years ago

Man comes along and starts collecting and consuming honey and pollen. Honey is an amazing natural sugar, providing energy and pollen has a range of health benefits, with high protein and a variety of minerals.

Present day

Today WA Pure Honey provides insulated hives for our bred bees, moving them great distances to get them close to flowering flora year-round and help with pollination. Looking after their health we take away the excess Honey and Pollen they create for you to enjoy.